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Plastic Summary

See fee on plastic bags

Paper Summary

None given- paper is allowed but for a fee

Reusable Definition

A bag with handles that is specifically designed and manufactured for multiple reuse and is made of cloth, fiber or other machine washable fabric.

Paper Bag Id Requirements
Stores Affected

RESTAURANT: Any lunchroom, cafe, or other establishment located in a permanent building for the accommodation of the public, equipped with a kitchen containing facilities and utensils for preparing and serving meals to the public, and outfitted with a public dining area. A restaurant does not include any area of a supermarket, department store, or other retail establishment beyond the kitchen and public dining area. RETAIL ESTABLISHMENT: Any person engaged in the retail sale of goods with a floor area whose square footage is five thousand feet (5,000′) or greater which sells perishable or non-perishable goods, including, but not limited to, clothing, food and personal items, directly to customers. Retail establishment includes any supermarket, convenience store, shop, or service station.

$0.10 fee per each carryout bag given out
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