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Disposable Paper Bag means a bag made predominantly of paper that is provided to a customer by a Grocer, Large Retailer, Retailer and Retail Store at the point of sale for the purpose of transporting goods which is subject to the Town’s Waste Reduction Fee. 1. Disposable Paper Bag does not include the following: a. Paper Bags used by consumers inside Retail Stores to: 1. Package bulk items including: fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, candy, or small hardware items; or 2. Provided for the sale of gift cards and post cards.

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Reusable Bag means a bag that is: 1. Designed and manufactured to withstand repeated uses over time; and 2. Is made from a material other than plastic that can be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Reusable Plastic Bag means a bag that is: 1. Designed and manufactured to withstand repeated uses over time; and 2. Is made from plastic that is at least four millimeters (4 mil) thick

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Grocer means a retail establishment or business within the Town limits that is a full-line, selfservice market with a retail market area more than Five Thousand (5,000) square feet and which sells a line of staple foodstuffs, meats, produce, household supplies, dairy products or other perishable items. Retailer means any person, corporation, partnership, business, facility, vendor, organization or individual that sells or provides merchandise, goods or materials, including without limitation, clothing, food, or personal items of any kind, directly to a customer. Retail Store includes, without limitations, any department store, hardware store, pharmacy, liquor store, restaurant, catering truck, convenience store, gas station, and any other retail store or vendor.

Waste Reduction Fee means the Town fee of Twenty Cents ($.20) imposed and required to be paid by eac
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