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Paper Bag Id Requirements
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Store means any person who engages in the business of selling tangible personal property, other than tangible personal property titled or registered with an agency of Illinois government, at retail in the City of Chicago, pursuant to the Home Rule Municipal Retailer’s Occupation Tax Act, and who delivers or provides its property through the use of checkout bags.

TAX on All paper and plastic used: $0.07
Comply Date
SO 2016-7981 (note: replaces SO 2014-1521)
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10/29/2016 This would be amendment to: SO2014-1521- already approved. They want to place a 7 cent fee on both paper and plastic as part of the revenue package for the 2017 city budget. 06/02/2014 Comply by dates for stores greater than 10k square feet is 09/01/2015, comply by dates for stores less than 10k square feet is 09/01/2016. 05/01/2014 Committee on the Health & Environmental voted to advance the city ordinance banning the use of plastic carryout bags mostly aimed at grocery stores. 06/25/2013: New proposal is currently being reviewed – see the included file for more information. Mandated Recycling Program Ordinance requires certain retailers to offer in store plastic bag recycling program.

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