We now know that bag legislation is everywhere.  As more bag legislation becomes effective, how will municipalities police the industry?  We know that California has a “bag monster”…do municipalities actually have “bag police”? Well not exactly!  As of today, you will not find carry out bag inspectors combing retailers with test equipment to validate the […]

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I’m sure many of you remember the School House Rock’s production of How a Bill Becomes a Law! It was cute, catchy and an easy way for us to be engaged in government class. Now you can apply that catchy tune to the ups and downs of the statewide legislation banning single-use bags in California. […]

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2012 had a lot of momentum building for what is now known as the Plastic Bag and Film Recycling Act (Illinois SB 3442). The State of Illinois was moving toward being the first state to pass a statewide recycling bill for plastic bags and plastic film. This would be ground breaking since no other state […]

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