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Rhode Island - Bag Legislation

City or County:
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Statewide Legislation

Status Pending
Ordinance HB 5946
Notes 6/22/2017 Plastic Waste Reduction Act, presented to House Environement and Natural Resource Committee on 6/21. Bill seeks to prohibit retail establishments from offerring plastic checkout bags, plastic water bottels and polystrene food containers. 100% recyclable paper bags, plastic bags and reusable bags would be permitted.
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Updated June 21, 2017


Status Approved
Status Date 09/30/2012
Plastic Summary Requirements: 2.25 thick and Specific ID requirements
Paper Summary Requirements: No old growth fiber, 100% recyclable, 40% minimum of PCW and specific ID requirements
Reusable Definition A bag with handles that is specially designed and manufactured for multiple reuse and is (1) made of cloth or fabric and /or (2) made of durable plastic that is at least 2.25 mil thick.
Stores Affected
Retail Sales Establishment. Any enterprise whereby the sale or transfer to a customer of goods in exchange for payment occurring in retail stores, farmers' markets, flea markets and restaurants. This does not include sales of goods at yard sales, tag sales, other sales by residents at their home, and sales ...view more nonprofit organizations. view less
Fees None
Compliance Date 01/01/2013
Ordinance 2012-7
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Updated October 29, 2012


Status Pending
Notes 3/9/2017 in the process of finalizing their proposal/draft. Will present in April to City Council.
Updated March 09, 2017


Status Approved
Status Date 03/08/2017
Compliance Date 11/01/2017
Updated March 08, 2017


Status Pending
Notes 4/5/2017 Reviewed at City Council meeting. This has been post poned indefinitely. 3/9/2017 Intial presentation of the Newport Ordinance and the draft Middletown ordinance in the month of April
Updated April 05, 2017
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