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Minnesota - Bag Legislation

City or County:
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Statewide Legislation

Status Pending
Notes In 2009 bill introduced in store recycling program - bill is still on hold.
Updated April 20, 2012


Status Approved
Status Date 04/01/2016
Plastic Summary Requirements: 4.0 thick and Specific ID requirements.
Paper Summary Paper carryout bag means a paper carryout bag that meets the following requirements: (1) Contains a minimum average of forty percent (40%) post-consumer recycled materials; and (2) Displays the minimum percent of post-consumer content on the outside of the bag.
Reusable Definition Reusable bag means a bag that is made of cloth, fiber, or other machine washable fabric or durable plastic that can be cleaned and disinfected regularly and meets the following requirements: (1) Is at least four (4) mils thick; 2) Is specifically designed and manufactured for multiple reuses over a period of time and a minimum lifetime use of seventy-five (75) uses; and (3) Has the capability of carrying up to eighteen (18) pounds.
Stores Affected
Retail establishment means any person, corporation, partnership, business venture, public sports or entertainment facilities, government agency, street vendor or vendor at public events or festivals or organizations that sell or provide merchandise, goods, or materials including, without limitation, clothing, food, beverages, household goods, or personal items of any kind directly ...view more a customer. Examples include but are not limited to department stores, clothing stores, jewelry stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, home improvement stores, liquor stores, convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, food vending trucks, farmers markets, and temporary vendors of food and merchandise at street fairs and festivals. Food banks and other food assistance programs are not considered to be retail establishments for the purposes of this section. view less
Fees $0.05 fee on Paper and Reusable Bags
Compliance Date 06/01/2017
Ordinance Title 11 Chapter 225
Notes 3/24/2016 There was a hearing on the plastic bag ban by the Minneapolis City Council Health, Environmenta and Community Engagement Committee. The public and businesses were able to comment. The measure was passed by a vote of 5-0-1. The full ordinance will be presented to City Council on April 1. 3/19/2016 On March 21 the City Council Health, Environment and Community Engagement Committee will meet to hear the proposed bag ordinace.
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Updated April 21, 2016
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