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About Us

Welcome to BagLaws.com—the resource for retailers seeking information about laws detailing the use of paper and plastic bags.

We are committed to giving retailers everything they need to know about bag laws at both the state and local level by providing detailed information on different bag laws across the entire nation. These laws include bans on single-use carryout bags, fees for single-use carry out bags, and credits for bags supplied by the customer.

Select your state off our Home Page and find which laws affect you and your business today.

Additionally, BagLaws.com provides retailers with the latest in Packaging News, so you know when news breaks in the world of bag legislation. We give a neutral and objective look at bag laws and eco-packaging to help keep you informed and educated on the topic.

BagLaws.com can also be a resource to help find suggested packaging options that are in compliance with your city and state’s requirements. Our packaging specialists in every region across the country can aid you in finding compliant products for your retail packaging needs. Please feel free to Contact Us today for your retail packaging needs.

Thank you for visiting BagLaws.com and for making it your resource for information about laws limiting the use of paper and plastic bags.

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